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Our mission is to provide financial assistance to DC, Maryland, and Virginia chemotherapy patients trying to prevent hair loss through scalp cooling (also known as cold caps).

We believe that the choice to prevent hair loss should not be dependent on financial ability. Our aim is to ease - if not lift entirely - the financial burden for cancer patients who want to keep their hair while going through treatment.


Donate now to help cancer patients have the choice to keep their hair during chemotherapy.

"I must say that having hair on my head - although it became a lot thinner - made me feel 'normal' through the entire process. What a benefit."

— Diane, Cold Capital Fund Recipient

Welcome to Cold Capital Fund

Tiziana, Liz, and Christie all used cold caps to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy treatment

To learn more about why some patients want to keep their hair and the impact this can have on a patient's quality of life, watch our founder Liz Lord and board member Christie Mangir talk about Cold Capital Fund  and share their personal experiences with cold capping.

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